Hulda’s Garden store in Harrstorp

Location: Mönsterås
Harrstorps gård, 38391 Mönsterås (show map)

In an old building on the property I’ve gathered locally produced goodies, genuine food craft and delicacies from near and far, focussing on excellence, quality and taste.

I’ve got a wide assortment of selected quality cheeses from Möllan, as well as blue and white cultured cheeses such as Queso de Hoja which is covered with maple leaves and a Brie that isn’t at all tasteless. I keep the soft cheeses Taleggio and Altesse, goat cheeses such as Viejo Maestro and the prize winning Monte Enebro, sheep-milk cheeses like Roquefort (stronger) and Baskeriu (milder). I can also offer colourful English cheeses – England’s choice with five layers of cheddar or Guinness cheese from Ireland (flavoured with Guinness of course). We have well matured Swedish cheeses such as Prästost made with Swedish Mackmyra whisky. Then there are favourites like Swiss Gruyére and Appenzeller Extra alongside locally produced Öland cheeses. Yes, we certainly have cheeses for every palate – well matured, mild, medium strength, smoky, creamy, tasty, tangy…perhaps you ought to come in and taste some for yourself! You’ll also find spices, jams and marmalades from the Öland herb garden, the fine canola oil from Nöbble (krav), Yngdén’s delicate crispbread from Borgholm, handmade pralines from Ölandschoklad (proud suppliers to the Nobel Prize Dinner), ice-cream from Wirum’s Jersey cows, kiln baked bread and cakes from Hildegården outside Fliseryd, old fashioned sweet-cones from the sugar bakery, nutritious bean chips from Öland and….much more.

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Phone number
+46 499 - 45 000
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+46 070-219 39 91
Street address 1
Harrstorps gård
City (address)
38391 Mönsterås
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