A walking tour to Guttorp, 3,5 km round trip

Address: Guttorp, 38392 Mönsterås

Address: Guttorp, 38392 Mönsterås

A walking tour to Guttorp, 3,5 km round trip.
The tour starts at head of the Mönsterås recreational trail.There is nearby
parking. Follow the trail with yellow signs and keep to your right. The trail is also
marked with red painted marks of the hiking trail ”Mönsteråsleden”.
Please note that dogs have to be led on a leash on this trail.
After about 1 km the trail will approach another gravel road. This road is also used by
Here you can choose to turn left on the gravel road (also suitable for trolleys) or climb over the stile that will lead you along a smaller trail with red marks. Both routes willlead you to Guttorp cottage

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